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Jade Jsyden silicone Babies are the perfect gift for any new mom. Made of soft, durable and flexible silicone, they have a weighted bottom that helps babies stay on their stomachs while sleeping, as well as multiple gripping points to keep them secure. The silicone Babies Dolls are designed to absorb moisture, wicks away perspiration and keeps you cool. Its soft, breathable design fits comfortably under any kind of clothing and is extremely comfortable on your skin. This toddler doll has been tested under medical supervision and passed the highest standards for safety and comfort. Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies Toddler

Jade Jsyden Reborn Dolls Canada.

Jade Jsyden silicone Babies are perfect for newborns, toddlers and kids. These silicone dolls have a lifelike shape that is soft and pliable, ensuring that your little one will be able to hug them for hours. Their realistic skin-like texture makes each doll look like a living being.  Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies Toddler

Jade Jsyden Rebornbabies.

We know it doesn’t get any easier than this wonderful doll . They’re easy to hold and only require slight warming to help them soften, which means you get to enjoy your baby in no time at all. This doll has been created with the utmost attention to detail, including realistic skin textures, clear eyes, and soft nylon hair. You’ll love caring for this contemporary baby girl as much as she loves being held by you.Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies Toddler

Jade Jsyden the reborn family

The reborn family toddler is the best baby doll for your toddler and preschooler.  Learn how to feed her, entertain her, play and dress up with her! Reborn Baby Dolls Market customer Service is our priority. We will never forget your orders and we want to help. For any question, just send us an email 

Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies Toddler




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Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies Toddler
Jade Jsyden Silicone Babies

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