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Preemie Reborn Dolls For Sale Near Me

Preemie reborn dolls

Preemie reborn dolls are a perfect gift for mom who just had a baby. They love to cuddle and hold their little angel to help ease the stress of caring for an infant.  This doll is a lifelike baby doll that has been modeled after an actual preemie. They come in skin tones ranging from white to lightskinned brown and in sizes as small as 2.5 inches long (the smallest of all reborn dolls). Some are life-sized and have realistic features such as eyelashes, veins, wrinkles and even fingernails, but others are shorter and thinner versions of full-term dolls. Preemie reborn dolls

preemie dolls

Preemie dolls are a great way to teach children about the special care babies need. These precious baby dolls come in a range of sizes and can be used to show a newborn size, as well as the smallest babies that are too small to survive outside of their mother’s womb. Children can practice changing their nasal tubes and feeding them with a bottle. When children dress these tiny dolls in outfits, they gain an understanding of the special needs that a newborn baby has when they leave the hospital. 

micro preemie reborn

Our Micro Preemie Reborn Doll is soft and sweet, just like a newborn baby. Sporting a cute brown outfit with a matching cap and hat, this realistic-looking reborn doll features two gorgeous brown vinyl eyes that open and close. You will be amazed by her lifelike features! The perfect gift for those who love babies, or for those who are expecting their first child! preemie reborn dolls

tiny reborn dolls

Just like tiny reborn REAL babies, our Tiny Babies come with hand-rooted hair and hand-painted details. These ultra realistic dolls are available in a variety of skin tones and hair colors (including bald), so you can choose one that most closely resembles your dreams for your real life baby! preemie reborn dolls

where to buy preemie reborn baby

Buy preemie reborn baby from our collection of handcrafted dolls, which are collectible and perfect for babies of all ages. We have many different sizes and types of baby dolls in store right now. If you’ve ever wanted a handmade reborn baby doll, but didn’t know where to buy one, look no further than our online shop. We offer a variety of hand-sculpted infant reborn babies for sale. Choose from different skin tones and hair color options. Free Shipping!